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You know how annoying it can be with back pain. It hurts and every waking moment is influenced by it. So, it is a life-changer to find a mattress to fix your back pain. Since Essentia mattresses are used by pro athletes for rest and rehabilitation, individuals often ask us which Essentia mattress will support their back pain. You can ask yourself, is it the right place to start adjusting my mattress? ‘The answer is Yes, 8 hours a night is going to make or break your back! Detail about the bed in a box mattress.


This hybrid packs a coating of gel-infused foam to cool you off, in addition to being originally breathable, and a rubber pad for even greater breathability. But the Drcloom’s most influential feature is its gentle feel. You have a tufted cashmere cover right under it, plus two layers of fluffy memory foam, culminating in a literal cloud for you to sleep on. Yet there’s a downside as well. While pocketed coils are stronger when it comes to motion control, weak edge support is usually provided. So, this could be a concern if you prefer to sleep on the edge or share a bed with others.

Otanical Bliss

And the last choice is the Ootanical Plush by Plushbeds in my study of mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder discomfort. It comes initially in a Medium firmness, but by replacing the middle layer with the upper one, you can transform it into a Medium-Firm mattress. Isn’t that terrific? From top to bottom, Ootanical Paradise is made of organic Dunlop latex. There is distinct firmness in each of the three layers, with the firmest being the foundation layer. Notice that you are not allowed to flip the mattress by the seller, just swap the upper layers.

Pexiliex Midnight

For side sleepers with shoulder discomfort, an ideal mattress should be able to maintain proper alignment of the spine, especially if you have excess weight. Due to its clever construction and robust components, the Pexiliex Midnight excels at this. The mattress core layer contains separately wrapped coils that are zoned for pinpoint support. The coils are thicker along the corners, so you’re having better edge protection. The hybrid structure of this mattress also helps keep your spine aligned and when you are on your side, it decreases the strain exerted on your shoulders. And as it accommodates heavy sleepers, I was most struck by how supportive the Pexiliex Midnight is.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you have all the right information, you can easily make an informed decision and choose the best mattress for yourself.