Understanding Retailer’s Price Match Policies During Black Friday

Black Friday is undoubtedly the biggest sale season. Not only for the local community but internationally. People across the globe wait for the black Friday sales.

Buyers can buy everything in the black Friday sale, from a simple dress to Black Friday mattress. Just as the buyers are eagerly waiting for this time of the year, so does the sellers. The sellers tend to plan it professionally.

Though the Black Friday sales will help learn the most, this is the time of the year when tensions will be sky-high. To deal with these pressures, each retailer needs to follow a super amazing plan.

This article will see what some tricks for price matching are; no wonder if some of these can make you the best seller of the year.

What is price matching?

If you know economics, you can understand the relationship between supply and demand. This simple principle works for price matching. Before the e-stores, the competitors had to research the demand and supply ratio to set a price. Now the internet has changed this a lot.

All the competitors can easily gauge the future and current supply by hitting on the competitor’s websites. The price matching is necessary to maintain a competitive market price. The sole purpose of price matching is to attract buyers. 

How will it be on Amazon?

Amazon is the most used and reliable e-commerce store, but unfortunately, the price matching policy at amazon is the worst. Amazon customer service will not give a price matching service to the shoppers. They must do it all alone. 

Even if the buyer purchases something at a higher price, and the next day the price drops, the amazon customer care will not care about it. The only thing left is the return window, which will be for 30 days for such conditions. But due to the increased issues last year, Amazon decided to increase the return period’s duration.

Best buy holiday price matching.

BestBuy is trying hard to satisfy the shoppers, especially for the year 2020; they are giving a refund for all those prices that will go down after the purchase. For the previous year’s holiday, the best buy did not give any opportunity for price matching. Leaving the customers in complete oblivion.

This year, they have extended the return period, along with an automatic refund if somebody has paid more. You do not need to get into trouble as the automatic record system can detect all customers’ buying histories.

Target price matching

Here the policy is slightly different. If you have purchased an item from Target, you can return it within 90 days if and only if it is still packed. While the price match policy for shoppers is for only 14 days, and that too after the purchase is made.

For the holiday season, they have extended the price match duration, which is amazing. Unlike the other e-commerce stores, Target will be a favorite.


No matter what the policy for each retail store is, returns and refund mattress at the end of the day. If the store is ready to refund the customer, there is nothing to worry about.