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Manav Rachna International University & ACESS
7th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science

Inter-disciplinary Applied Approach to Health and Performance Enhancement through Sports Science

Manav Rachna International University

Manav Rachna carries forward the mantle of excellence and professionalism with the philosophy of Manav Rachna "Vidyanatariksha". This is a conjuction of the words 'Vidya' and 'Antariksha'.

'Vidya' means knowledge, information , the basis of creativity and innovation. It is the foundation of technology and envisages the future.

‘Antariksha’ means ‘the sky’ the space which we belong to or exist. It can be broken into ‘antar’ and ‘Ikshan’ which means inner vision. Hence the combination, the core promise of Manav Rachna becomes” the reality of Inner vision or root of all knowledge”.

Manav Rachna offers education from Pre-nursery to Doctoral level. The range of programs offered include Engineering, Management, Health and Applied Sciences, Computer Education, Hotel Management, International Programs, Commerce and Humanities, Media, Dental Sciences, Education, Design, Schooling and many more. In fact, our vision is to offer education in every field which deserves quality and skills.

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