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7th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science

Inter-disciplinary Applied Approach to Health and Performance Enhancement through Sports Science

7th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science

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Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS)

ACESS mission is to promote communication, interaction, and cooperation among Asian exercise and sports science professionals and students in educational, scientific, and research institutions, and to encourage the exploration of issues specific to the Asian regions. In particular, the ACESS seeks to promote and facilitate communication among young researchers and students in the Asian regions. In these ways, the ACESS seeks to make a contribution to the enhancement of the quality of life among Asians in particular, but also for the rest of the world.

The Academic Activities of ACESS have the following purposes:

The first APCESS was held in 2001 at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
2nd APCESS 2005 was held at University of Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines.
The 3rd APCESS was held at Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan in 2007.
The 5th APCESS in 2011 at Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai, China and the 6th APCESS 2013, at Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan.

The 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science will be held on 14th-16th October 2015 at ManavRachna International University.

The conference intends to associate and interact with professionals from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas and perspectives in the field of sports science.This conference will present recent trends in science focus on health and sports, with the cynosure being enhancement of performance of athletes. The conference aims to improve sport performance by in depth analysis of biomechanical, physiological, perceptual and cognitive processes. The conference aims to provide the participants an insight on health and performance through sound reasoning and vivid experiences of experts in the discipline of sports science. The delegates will be provided with opportunities to investigate and examine the possibilities of research and a vital platform for exchange of views/prospects. 20 Future Leaders/Volunteers from 15 countries will be invited and supported by the Organizing Committee to join this historical event in India.This biennial conference will be exclusive opportunity for the global sport and health community to interact candidly in the ideal environment being provided by ManavRachna International University.

Theme: “Interdisciplinary applied approach to health and performance enhancement through sports science”

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