Best Mattress for side sleepers with back pain

It can be a very relaxing sleeping position to sleep on your side; lying down and sinking into a mattress, drifting off into a long night of sleep is so sweet. While it can feel nice to sleep on your side, not every bed is made for side sleeping; side sleepers would typically want a softer mattress that offers outstanding pressure relief. I decided to compile a list of the best mattresses for side sleepers, because there are many online mattresses out there, to help people sleep better! There is something for everyone here; those who like super soft memory foam and those who like the Purple Hybrid Premier are ready to try something new. Read on to find the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain!

Pexiliex Midnight Mattress

Pexiliex is here to help those side sleepers who just don’t know what to get; the company is all about customization and convenience and can genuinely help individuals find a mattress to suit their unique needs. The Pexiliex Midnight, one of the company’s mattresses designed especially for this sleeping role, can also be chosen for side sleepers. In order to keep sleepers in proper sync, the Midnight provides great pressure relief but also strong help. Looking for a mattress that is more luxurious? Shoppers can make a “Luxe” model of their Pexiliex Midnight mattress that will provide more quality comfort and cooling components.

fix & Diff Mattress

It’s a fantastic memory foam, but not everyone wants a mattress that gives in too easily; that’s where the fix & Diff comes in. It features two high-density memory foam layers that provide more protection and pushback than other memory foam types. Lying on the fix & Diff, the mattress initially feels solid. After a few seconds, the mattress begins to relax and eventually fall into the mattress. Lateral sleepers can feel almost no pressure on their hips and shoulders. At the same time, the fix & Diff provides back sleepers with a decent amount of support and can fill in the gaps for several side sleepers. The fix & Diff should take a look at those side sleepers who want fantastic pressure relief with a lot of support.


People are going to literally flip this mattress for this. In one mattress, the Zilayla is flappable and offers two firmness’s; the firm side is an excellent fit for sleeping back and stomach. The soft side, however, is what side sleepers would want to concentrate on; on the firmness scale, it is around 5.5/10 and features 5 “of comfort content. The soft memory foam can settle into most side sleepers and experience excellent pressure relief. The Zilayla is just one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve reviewed-it really helps sleepers to slowly settle into the mattress and feel any pressure melt away from the memory foam. Lastly, the memory foam inside the Zilayla is fused with copper, a material that further helps with cooling. Side sleepers should not be sleeping hot on this mattress.